Emails, 5 Tips to Be Mobile Friendly

Over the last few years, I’ve been reading a lot of emails via mobile versus the standard laptop/desktop. Here are some of my tips to ensure you are writing mobile friendly emails:

  1. Signature Images – Those of you that still use an image in your signature block should think twice. Sometimes, that image of your logo or social media icon shows up as an attachment when receiving via mobile. If you frequently send to the same person, they get accustomed to seeing the little ‘attachment icon’ whenever they receive an email from you and think it’s just your signature block. Thus, if you actually do attach something, they may not see it.

  2. Attachments – Speaking of attachments, if you are sending one, make sure it’s something that can be opened on a mobile device.  PDF is preferred. Also, reference the attachment in the body of the email. On mobile, you don’t always know there is something attached, so a simple note, such as “see attached” will ensure it is seen. Keep the file sizes down so you don’t use the person’s data.

  3. Images – Images don’t always show the same way on all phones.  Don’t take a chance on having a ‘graphic heavy’ email that won’t render properly.

  4. CC’d People – On mobile, you don’t always see who is copied.  I’ve learned to just always hit ‘reply to all’ so you don’t miss people…but not everyone thinks that way. If you get a response and you see that it wasn’t sent to everyone, kindly forward to the appropriate individuals. 

  5. Subject line – On a mobile phone, users only see the following: the subject, who the email is from, and sometimes the first few lines of the email. I don’t know how many times I mistakenly deleted an email on my phone because the subject sounded like spam. Another thing I’ve learned (the hard way), if you’re unsure about an email, don’t delete it until you can see the email on a desktop/laptop computer.

Bonus Tip

To the Point – If you can answer the question in the first sentence, then do it! This is the case for mobile and laptop versions. On a laptop, Outlooks provides a preview of the email via a pop-up box (that semi-transparent box that seemingly never goes away until you finally try to click on it). If you can get the gist without even opening the email, it keeps everything flowing…and as we know, everyone is always busy and everyone gets hundreds of emails a day.

By John Boyer, Director of Marketing, Coldwell Banker Commercial Affiliates 

10 Retail Trends to Watch


1) The Internet’s True Impact on Retail Sales. Without question, ecommerce retail sales are growing. However, they still remain a small portion of total retail sales. In 3Q13, ecommerce sales totaled $67 billion, which represents less than 6 percent of all retail sales, according to the U.S. Census retail trade report.

2) Online Media Sales. Books, music, video, and other items that can be digitized and downloaded comprise about 35 percent of Amazon’s sales. Applying this metric to the entirety of ecommerce means that Internet sale of items that cannot be digitized and downloaded is about 3.7 percent. If 3D printing of merchandise becomes possible, the world as we know it will change.

3) Retail’s Efficient Logistics Model. Efficiency in logistics has revolutionized retail. For example, Walmart’s execution of efficiency and their crossdocking model has helped them to emerge as the largest retailer in the world. The “last mile in the chain of distribution” is actually outsourced to the customer. A customer comes into the store, selects merchandise, carries the merchandise to the car, and then transports the merchandise the “last mile” from the store to home.

The cost of the final mile is not included in the retail price of the merchandise. On the contrary, delivering merchandise to the customer’s home is a costly and inefficient endeavor. One major Internet retailer spends more than double to deliver than the amount it collects for shipping. Hence, the practical application of the “last mile” principle means that ecommerce is likely to have 100 percent market share of items that can be digitized and may never even reach 10 percent market share of items that cannot be digitized.

4) The Internet’s Other Impact. Online sales are not only impacting the retail sector, but the Internet is creating more informed consumers. Well-educated shoppers are causing pressure on retail margins, which translates into pressure by tenants to lower rent.

5) More Sales, Less Space. The wide range of available technology offers retailers more efficient inventory control and space needs. They are applying the 80/20 rule – 20 percent of their SKUs generate most of their sales and gross margin. The result: Retailers can generate more sales per square foot in less space causing store formats to shrink.

6) Bigger Players Dominate. The supermarket sector is being consumed by dominant players with larger stores.

7) National Anchors. In large shopping centers, national credit-tenant anchors are winning out over same-category regional and local tenants.

8) Big-Box Woes. Large vacant boxes are becoming increasingly more difficult to re-tenant.

9) Exclusive Use. Second-generation retail space is being increasingly impacted by exclusive-use lease provisions.

10) Service Tenants Triumph. Landlords are making greater use of service tenants to maintain occupancy. A recent study revealed that service tenants comprised less than 15 percent of total occupancy 10 years ago versus more than 25 percent today.

Written by Gary M. Ralston, CCIM, CPM, SIOR
Managing Partner, Coldwell Banker Commercial Saunders Ralston Dantzler Realty LLC.

Why Property Flyers are Still the Best Source for Commercial Property Data


I’ve always called property flyers the “Gold Standard of Commercial Real Estate Data,” but they can really be a pain in the neck to manage. On one hand, flyers are essential to any broker’s business—the complete, accurate, detailed information about a property on a single, easily shared document. With maps, photos and floor plans, a well-designed flyer is the next best thing to visiting the property itself.

On the other hand, all that valuable data is locked into the flyer—it’s hard to extract and collect it without manually typing it all over again (more on this later). So what makes property flyers so valuable—and so frustrating?

The Gold Standard

1. They’re complete.  well-executed property flyer tells other agents or site selectors everything they need to know—location, zoning, terms, square footage, price and other critical information—in one easy-to-reference file.

2. They’re detailed.  Floor plans. Interior and exterior photos. Distance to the nearest Starbucks. A flyer gives prospective tenants a feel for the space before they even visit.

3. They’re accurate.  How often have you seen a listing just sit there, week after week, with uncorrected errors and out-of-date information? When you create the flyer yourself, you know every detail is correct.

4. They’re immediate.  Videos are great, but does a busy site selector have time to watch 20 videos? It’s much more efficient to browse 20 PDF flyers.

5. They’re a physical takeaway for clients.  As much as we want to be paperless, many clients still respond to market surveys, summaries and binders that include these colorful flyers. Having a physical flyer available for that unexpected drop-in visitor or a new contact willing to help you network is critical.

Data, where and when you need it.

Sure, property flyers are usually electronic PDF files. You can easily save them, forward them via email, and print them when necessary. But how do you organize them? This is where flyers become frustrating.

Organizing properties takes time, as does searching for them later. An even bigger problem with flyers is getting the information out of them. Manually entering the essential data into another spreadsheet file or database is tedious and time-consuming.

For example, BrokerSavant research shows it takes an average of 23 minutes to enter the data from just one flyer. Depending on who does the grunt work and how much they get paid, brokers and firms are spending thousands of dollars every day manually transferring data from flyers. Not to mention the costs of those manual entry errors you always seem to discover at the worst possible time.

New technology has allowed BrokerSavant to perfect data extraction that works with any PDF flyer.Just click, drag and drop, and it populates 30+ property data fields into your online portfolio, CRM, database or whatever format you need it in. We’ve recently made this technology available to brokers with Coldwell Banker Commercial—and they can get started for free on their intranet site. Flyers are still the ‘Gold Standard’ for accurate, up-to-date property data, but organizing and managing them doesn’t have to be a pain in the neck!

By: Clay Rankin, CEO,  BrokerSavant

10 Festive Ways to Decorate Your Cubicle for the 4th of July


Chances are you’ve already decorated your home or backyard in preparation for a weekend-long celebration of America’s 238th birthday. But before you mark Independence Day with elaborate fireworks displays, picnics and BBQ’s, think about bringing the festivities to your office cubicle (sans fireworks, of course).

Here are 10 festive ways to decorate your cubicle for the Fourth of July holiday:

Patriotic Tin Cans – Remember those tin can telephones we played with as kids? Well there’s another purpose for the recyclables - patriotically painted cans! Inexpensive and simple to make, just paint your cans red, white and blue. You can get really creative by using a set of three cans – one painted blue with white stars, and the other two painted with red and white stripes. Put them together and you’ve got yourself a tin can flag! Fill the cans with fresh white flowers or just use them to hold your pens and pencils.

Stars & Stripes Streamers – This is probably the easiest decoration you’ll come across, aside from hanging an American flag in your cube. You can make this a DIY project by snipping folded crepe paper, like so. Hang them from the ceiling, your cubicle wall or on the back of your chair.

Beaded Necklaces – We all love party favors, so why not include them in your decorating efforts? Handing out patriotic beaded necklaces is a fun way to celebrate with the entire office.

Dry Beans - Yes, beans. Fill a glass jar or vase with layers of red kidney beans, northern beans, and black beans. Two cups of red and white alternating beans topped off with the black beads (they look navy, trust me) should do the trick!

Licorice – Same concept as the beans, except you fill a tall glass vase with red licorice and then tie red, white and blue ribbons in a bow. It’s cute and delicious; a win-win if you ask me.

Patriotic Pinwheels – Line your cubicle with a few patriotic pinwheels for a festive take on traditional decorations. Reuse them to line your sidewalk or patio during the holiday weekend.

USA Flag Tootsie Rolls – Yes, they exist! Keep a bowl of these individually wrapped, delicious sweets for a patriotic treat all year round. Be warned, you’ll have a few more visitors to your cubicle than normal.

Window Clings – Do you have a glass partition? Show your support for Independence Day or all year round with vinyl window decorations. They come in all shapes and sizes including stars, flags, fireworks and more.

Screensavers – Set your desktop/laptop screensaver so that it displays an American flag waving in the wind. Take it a step further and put together a series of photos of America’s most patriotic buildings. Every time you leave your desk, you’ll return to a fun reminder of the nation’s birthday.

Inflatable Cooler – Not just any cooler, one with the likeness of the American flag. Simply fill it with ice and soft drinks and you’re basically guaranteed the prize for most creative decoration in the office!

Who said holidays couldn’t be fun at work? By surrounding yourself with festive decorations for the Fourth of July, there’s a chance you’ll avoid the dreaded July 3rd stare down with the clock (you know you do it). Okay, maybe that’s a stretch, but it sure beats staring at a somber cubicle wall all week.

Happy Birthday, America!

By Nicole Epps, Marketing & Communications Specialist, Coldwell Banker Commercial Affiliates 

5 Creative Uses for Vacant Spaces


Too many times I’ve walked through a smaller down-town area and noticed prime properties for lease. It’s not the property I notice first though, it’s the vacant space. Some of these vacant spaces sit for long periods of time, possibly because the rent or taxes are high. This can cause physical deterioration, negative energy in the neighborhood, and can even drive investors away from surrounding properties. 

To avoid these situations, why not maximize on the vacant space while you have it? There are a number of creative ways to repurpose a vacant space, all of which provide an opportunity to reinvigorate economic activity in such properties.  Let’s take a look at 5 ways you can turn a vacant space into something more:

Simple – If you’re a landlord that has other properties for sale or lease (and the space is street-side), turn it into a virtual showroom of your other properties.  By making the space inviting, you’re already one step closer to generating interest.

Mainstream – Pop-up restaurants and shops are a great way to turn vacant spaces into revenue generators for a short period of time.  If you’re having trouble renting a property, offer the space at a discounted price on a month-to-month basis. This has become a popular option for local artists.

Virtual – Architectural imaging companies specialize in 3D technology that allows tenants to re-imagine vacant lots using 3D vinyl graphics mimicking a real shop. Not only is this a great marketing tool, these virtual shop fronts give the impression that the vacant space is actually occupied.  If you want to show the potential of a vacant space, this is a great way to do so.

Urban – Repurpose a vacant space into an urban green space to tap into the local community. This goes a long way with the local press, especially if the community plans a picnic or social activity in the space.

Fun – You’ve probably seen the images of fútbol fans around the world gathering in large empty spaces with a TV propped on top of a truck, all for the sake of watching their beloved team go after the glory that comes with winning the World Cup. Why not turn your vacant space into a viewing venue? It’s only temporary, but it’s sure to make a big impact.

There are plenty of creative ways to use a vacant space to your advantage, and hopefully one of the above has sparked your interest enough to take action. Perhaps the next time I’m walking down-town, I’ll notice a quirky pop-up shop with holiday scented candles or an art gallery full of colorful paintings and sculptures.  I wouldn’t even be surprised to hear the roar of an announcer who just witnessed a game-changing GOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!

Written by:
John Boyer, Director of Marketing
Nicole Epps, Marketing & Communications Specialist
Coldwell Banker Commercial Affiliates

Top 15 Ideas for the Perfect Apartment Complex


Although I own a house, I sometimes think about the benefits of apartment living.  I would love to sit with an architect to design my perfect apartment complex.  Here is how I envision it:

  1. Close to a city, but not directly in it
  2. Access to public transportation, such as the subway within walking distance
  3. Two pools: one for adults, and one strictly for kids; some distance apart, but close enough so parents can still see their little ones
  4. On-the-spot day care (that didn’t cost an arm and a leg)
  5. Nightlife with live music on Fridays and a nice menu for Saturday lunch
  6. Built into a ‘town square’ like setting, where you can walk to just about everything, especially a grocery store, ice cream and sushi
  7. Bike path around a lake, with two varying degrees of difficultly; challenging and normal
  8. Routinely scheduled social events with a mobile app to tell you about them; no annoying flyers
  9. You would pay a nominal fee each month for the social events – thus, more people would be apt to attend
  10. No real need for cash: you earn points for attending social events, doing good deeds, achieving your goals at the exercise facility, or cooking for events
  11. You can use ‘points’ in the town square, too.  There would be incentives such as gifts, awards or specials to use them.
  12. Exercise facility with ‘Disney’s fast pass’ system in place
  13. Free Movie Night outside
  14. Designated Driver Program, for those nights you spend outside of the ‘town square’
  15. Unique and cool architecture; something different that you don’t see every day.  When giving directions, you can tell people, “look for the eagle wing” or something relevant.

There you have it, a short list of items that would make up my perfect apartment complex.  Does such a perfect apartment complex exist? Perhaps there are a few that meet some of the items on my list.

What does your perfect apartment complex look like?

By John Boyer, Director of Marketing for Coldwell Banker Commercial

Should You Install a Suggestion Box?


If you own commercial real estate, chances are you’ve thought about installing a ‘suggestion box’ as a means for tenants to anonymously suggest ideas that may better meet their needs. A carefully constructed suggestion program could provide positive outcomes, but a hastily launched, undefined program could cause more harm than good.

Let’s take a look at both sides:

Yes – You could potentially get a good idea that is worth implementing.

No – The ideas suggested could be costly, therefore hindering your ability to implement them.

Yes – In person, tenants can be reluctant to suggest changes. They’re more apt to do it if they can write it down anonymously.

No – An alternative to the suggestion box is to remove the anonymity altogether and instead arrange an open dialogue with your tenants. Occasionally meeting with them to discuss their needs could be helpful.

Yes – Having a suggestion box allows non-management personnel to provide insight.

No – The suggestion box may not be taken seriously, and could result in the submission of irrelevant material such as jokes or exaggerated ideas. Perhaps a bit extreme, this clip of the popular TV show, ‘The Office’ provides an example of what could go wrong.

Yes – If you implement a few ideas, your tenant satisfaction will improve, and may even increase the chance of lease extensions.

No – The suggestion box could become a dust collector or an eyesore if your tenants choose not to utilize it.

Yes – You could incorporate the suggestion box into a monthly meeting.  Read through the suggestions, discuss possible implementation, and address any other items the tenants may need to know at that time.

No – The suggestion box could become yet another item to add to your to-do list, and if we’re being honest, you simply may not have time.

If we count them up, we have 5 yes’s and 5 no’s – a tie – which means the decision is all yours.

Good luck!

By John Boyer, Director of Marketing for Coldwell Banker Commercial Affiliates

Featured Listing Friday

July 25, 2014


Jumpie Run
711 Martin Road
Monticello, FL 32344

Listing Type:        Land
Sale or Lease:     Sale
Subtype:              Land - Agriculture (Not Zoned)
Style:                   Antique
Size:                    2,644 +/- Acres
Price:                  $87,799,800
Agent:                  Dean Saunders, Coldwell Banker Commercial Saunders Real Estate

  • Jumpie Run Plantation is a beautiful legacy property owned by the same family for the 3rd generation.
  • The 2,644 +/- acre timber plantation is located in the plantation belt of the Red Hills area of North Florida in Jefferson County.
  • The property has unique features of topography, flora, and fauna. Wildlife abounds in natural habitats, making it a notable hunting property with excellent turkey and deer populations.
  • The plantation offers beautiful views of the rolling countryside of the Red Hills and the lower lands with pine flats and hardwood hammocks.
  • In 1986, the family entered the property into the Conservation Reserve Program with the USDA. Presently, about 600 acres remain enrolled in CRP under a contract expiring in 2017.
  • There are 1,100 acres of planted pine on the property, excluding the strips in the CRP plantings.
  • The propertys excellent location is central to city amenities with shopping only minutes away. With only 30 minutes to Tallahassee and 30 minutes to Thomasville, GA, social and shopping amenities are easily available!
  • Five minutes to Monticello and seven minutes to I-10 make this location a great weekend get-a-way or a permanent or vacation home!

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This is a weekly feature published each Friday, where the Coldwell Banker Commercial organization highlights a particular property.


July 18, 2014


Bonnet 10

Listing Type:          Hospitality 
Sale or Lease:        Sale
Size:                     174,160 SF (building); 121,417 SF (parking/other)
Price:                         Call for pricing.

  • Asset consists of a nineteen floor building plus the underground floors
  • Equipped with an underground parking area, which is directly connected to the building
  • Has an open view, thanks to its front square
  • Extremely versatile; could be used for both closed or open spaces
  • Located on the northern side of Milan (Lombardy), in the “Garibaldi Distrct,” just 500 meters walking distance from the railway and underground station that have the same name
  • The street is currently a pedestrian zone and is located in one of the main areas of Milan’s nightlife. 

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This is a weekly feature published each Friday, where the Coldwell Banker Commercial organization highlights a particular property.

July 11, 2014


9600 E Ave.
Hesperia, CA 92345

Listing Type:          Industrial
Sale or Lease:        Sale
Subtype:                   Industrial
Style:                         Industrial Bldg - Manufacturing
Size:                      37,700 SF
Price:                         $1,650,000
  • 2 Buildings Totaling ±37,700 SF
  • Situated on ±2.34 Acres of Land
  • Property is Located Just North of Highly Traveled Main St
  • Both Buildings Provide Ground Level Loading Doors
  • Property is Fully Paved and Fenced
  • APN: 0410-112-18
  • Zoned MI: Manufacturing/Industrial

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This is a weekly feature published each Friday, where the Coldwell Banker Commercial organization highlights a particular property.

June 27, 2014


Colonial Beach Yacht Center
1787 Castlewood Drive
Colonial Beach, VA 22433

Listing Type:     Special Purpose
Sale or Lease:   Sale
Style:                 Boat Slip
Lot Size:               12,500 SF
Price:                    $5,487,900
Agent:                  Tony Sala, Coldwell Banker Commercial Elite


  • Family run business since 1988
  • 7.2+/-   acres, Zoned C-1
  • Protected and commanding location at the entry to Monroe Bay
  • Serving vessels from 18’ to 150’
  • Last deep-water marina for north-bound vessels to Washington, D.C.
  • Approximately 57 statute miles to Washington DC and approximately 40 statute Miles to the Chesapeake Bay
  • 140 active slips; 36 are covered and 9 slips have lifts (4 lifts are covered)
  • All slips, pilings, docks, utility services and covers completely replaced in 2002
  • 65’ Fuel Dock with 8’ draft; gasoline and diesel
  • Dual 30 amp and 50 amp services to all slips on A, D and E docks
  • Electricity served by Dominion Virginia Power
  • Water service to all slips / 3” Municipal service line and on-site well (currently not in use)
  • Municipal sanitary sewer
  • Cable TV and Telephone service is available
  • Verizon provides telephone; Chancellor Communications provides cable
  • 30 Ton Travel Lift and 9 Ton Holstar hydraulic trailer
  • Complete Boat Brokerage Services
  • Full-Service Restaurant seating 200 and Riverfront beach area for 1000!
  • Yard Maintenance and Service operation
  • Restaurant and Yard Maintenance Operations are leased
  • 1,960 +/- SF Owners/Managers apartment
  • 2,400 +/- SF “Old Ship Store” is available to lease

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This is a weekly feature published each Friday, where the Coldwell Banker Commercial organization highlights a particular property.

June 20, 2014

2445 N. Palm Drive
Signal Hill, CA 90755


Listing Type:     Industrial
Sale or Lease:   Sale
Style:                 Industrial Bldg - Warehouse
Price:                    $6,100,000
Lot Size:               28,859 SF
Agent:                  Marc Bonando, Coldwell Banker Commercial BLAIR WESTMAC


  • A Class A modern construction multi-tenant industrial property located near the ports of LA and LB as well as Long Beach Airport.

  • Offers investors the opportunity to purchase a modern construction (2008) multi-tenant industrial building in one of the strongest multi-tenant markets in the region.

  • The General Service Administrations (GSA) Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is the major tenant in the project along with a solid local tenant base.

  • The local area is experiencing a significant development and infrastructure investment. Douglas Park, a 260 acre masterplanned, mixed-use development, when completed will include over 800,000 square feet of industrial, over 250,000 square feet of office space, up to 200,000 square feet of retail space, as well as a Courtyard by Marriot hotel.

  • The average unit size is 3,396 square feet, with tenants occupying a range from 13,500 square feet to 1,863 square feet; the building offers great flexibility meeting the markets fluctuating needs.

  • Located along the 405 corridor, just a few miles from the Long Beach Airport, Signal Hill offers its businesses the unique opportunity to service Los Angeles and Orange Counties with proximity to five major freeways including the San Diego (405), Long Beach (710), San Gabriel (605), Garden Grove (22), and Artesia (91) freeways, allowing quick access to adjacent areas.

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This is a weekly feature published each Friday, where the Coldwell Banker Commercial organization highlights a particular property.

June 13, 2014


DeSoto County Ranch and Farm
Highway 17 Arcadia, FL 34266

Listing Type:     Land
Sale or Lease:   Sale
Subtype:             Land – Agriculture (Not Zoned)
Price:                   $27,944,000
Lot Size:            11,200 AC
Agent:                 Dean Saunders, Coldwell Banker Commercial Saunders Real Estate


  • The DeSoto County Ranch and Farm is a large-acreage property for sale in Florida consisting of four distinct tracts that equal 11,200 +/- total acres.

  • The property has been primarily used for cattle, hay, and farming, with some hunting uses.

  • The highest and best use for the property is its current agricultural use with Bahia pasture for cattle grazing, Floralta hay fields, and truckcrop farming.

  • It includes five wells - (4) 12 and (1) 10 wells - for seepage irrigation.

  • Future Land Use is Rural/Agriculture that allows for one dwelling unit per 10 acres.

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This is a weekly feature published each Friday, where the Coldwell Banker Commercial organization highlights a particular property.

June 6, 2014


713 Market Drive
Oklahoma City, OK 73114

Listing Type:     Office
Sale or Lease:   Sale
Subtype:             Office Bldg
Size:                      57,000 SF
Price:                    $15,250,000
Agent:                  Jerry Hocker, Coldwell Banker Commercial Hocker & Associates


  • Property is 100% leased to Schlumberger Technology Corporation (S&P A+) under a ten year lease, with five years remaining and two 5 year renewal options.

  • Schlumberger is the world’s leading supplier of the information solutions to the oil and gas industry.

  • The company employs approximately 123,000 people in more than 85 countries.

  • Schlumberger reported a full-year 2013 revenue (from continuing operations) of $45.27 billion.

  • Property was specifically built to tenant’s standards in 2009; the tenant has since invested over $2M into the property.

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This is a weekly feature published each Friday, where the Coldwell Banker Commercial organization highlights a particular property.

5 social media things CRE Professionals can do during breakfast


We all know that social media never sleeps, but as humans we quite enjoy our slumber. The good news is that there are simple ways to catch up on what we missed, all while sipping our coffee (and buttering our whole wheat bagel).

  1. Email – No one likes to see triple digit numbers in their inbox. Deleting emails, marking what needs to be responded to that day, answering urgent emails, and reviewing important calendar items that may need preparation is an efficient way to start the day.
  2. LinkedIn – Take a quick look at who viewed your profile, and perhaps even start a conversation or connect with someone new. Take it a step further by identifying someone to have breakfast or lunch with.  You could even congratulate someone on a work anniversary.
  3. Twitter – Quickly scroll through your Twitter feed to see what the industry pros or influencers are talking about.  See if the local economic department has anything new in the hopper.
  4. Easy content sharing – Something as simple as a #QOTD (quote of the day) to share on your blog and social media channels can spark conversations throughout the day.
  5. Check out the headlines – Get a quick download on what’s happening for potential talking points at meetings/breakfast or lunches from USA Today and/or CNN.

By the time you’ve finished your last bite of breakfast, you’ll have a pretty good idea of what’s going on in the industry with plenty of time to get down to business.

By Nicole Epps, Marketing and Communications Specialist for Coldwell Banker Commercial Affiliates

Market Updates for over 190 Markets


View the Q1 2014 market report covering over 190 markets in the Office, Retail, Multi-Family, Warehouse and Flex space.

Download the complete report

Key FIndings:



Market with the highest vacancy rate:Toledo, OH (30.3)

Market with the lowest vacancy rate: Queens, NY (7.8)

Market with the greatest % increase in vacancy rate: Huntsville, AL (25.5%)

Market with the greatest % decrease in vacancy rate: Eugene, OR (-26.0%)

Asking Rent

Market with the highest asking rent: New York, NY ($60.21)

Market with the lowest asking rent: Youngstown, OH ($10.79)

Market with the greatest % increase in asking rent: San Jose, CA (5.9%)

Market with the greatest % decrease in asking rent: Savannah, GA (-3.2%)



 Market with the highest vacancy rate: Longview, TX (28.2)

Market with the lowest vacancy rate: San Francisco, CA (3.4)

Market with the greatest % increase in vacancy rate: Spokane, WA (36.1)

Market with the greatest % decrease in vacancy rate: San Jose, CA (-22%)

Asking Rent

Market with the highest asking rent: Westchester, NY ($36.50)

Market with the lowest asking rent: Longview, TX ($9.76)

Market with the greatest % increase in asking rent: Long Island, NY (3.20%)

Market with the greatest % decrease in asking rent: Kennewick-Richland-Pasco (-1.20%)

Download the complete report